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The Fine Barrier

Filtering & Fortifying:

Screens serve as a delicate yet strong barrier against unwanted outdoor elements, from pesky insects to wind-driven debris. Whether installed on pools, windows, or doors, they maintain a clear view while securing a clean, protected indoor environment.

Reinforcing the Resistance:

At Blackstone Builders, we offer customized screening solutions to meet diverse needs. From robust pool enclosures to refined window screens, our products are designed to ensure clarity, durability, and functionality. Enhance your home's comfort and increase its value with our high-quality screens.

Material Mastery: Your Options for Optimal Protection

  • Pool Enclosures: Secure your outdoor oasis with screens that protect without obstructing views.
  • Screen Doors: Keep bugs out and let fresh air in with durable screen doors that withstand daily wear.
  • Window Screens: Custom-fitted screens to enhance the usability and security of your windows.
  • Materials Options:
    • Fiberglass: Lightweight and economical, perfect for residential screens.
    • Aluminum: Offers greater durability and resistance to corrosion.
    • Stainless Steel: The ultimate in durability and resistance to wear, ideal for high-traffic areas.

With Blackstone Builders, you gain access to premium materials and expert installation, ensuring your screens provide both functionality and aesthetic appeal for years to come.